Date:Saturday, December 17th, 2016 10am to 3pm

Location: Tri-C, 11000 W Pleasant Valley, Parma, Oh… Parking in lot B, Liberal Arts Building, “B” wing.


“Out of Darkness: Cleveland” episode one: “que, sera, sera”


If you can not make it to our Audition, you can post info at our Facebook casting group.


One thought on “Audition

  1. I am unable to attend the Audition date but sent a Resume’ .
    I am a Character Actor : Police Officer , Firefighter , SWAT ….ECT. With training in ALL the above including Action / Stunt Experience.
    I did not see Any cast positions in the breakdowns for me , but Am interested in case something later pops up that is in My Stereotype.
    I can ALSO assist W / Crew : Set Medical Services.
    I have Family in Remiderville , so I am Able to get You a local address. jic.
    2 for 1. deal.
    I thank You for the time in reading this and hope to hear from You soon.
    Be Safe


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