The Ness Connection

“Out of Darkness: Cleveland” is set in a fictional world. So our version of Eliot Ness will be different than the real one. Out of Darkness-Cleveland-Ava-Trish-4x6 Yet, we will draw from Mr. Ness’ little known time in Cleveland as the first safety director of the city, his run for Mayor and his unsuccessful hunt for a serial killer.  In one the scenes in the first episode/ movie we will be recreating the CLEVELAND POLICE MUSEUM. The real Cleveland police museum includes info on Ness and the Torso murders. We used his image and a real building that included a poster of his for Mayor. We added the “alternative” headline where he captured the Torso murderer and became mayor.

Sadly, in real life, Ness never caught the killer, failed in becoming Mayor  and died a broken man before the success of the book “The Untouchables. ” Here is info at the POLICE MUSEUM SITE.