Videos Cast and Crew

The Original Series and Demo Reels from Original Series, Cast and Crew
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News Story on the original series

Original Clip from Pilot
This was shown in private screenings, but not the series that aired on TV.

A version of the Pilot
Edited for a UK Festival, this version does not include the commercials from the sponsors that aired as part of the fictional newscast. The news cast was fictional, but our sponsors were real.

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Demo from leading lady: Soraya Padrao

Chief Turner

Demo reel from Leading lady Robyn Cohen

Robyn Cohen – Demo Reel 2016 from Robyn Cohen on Vimeo.

Ralph Bell

Alex DeCourville

Little Red Haired Girl

Erin Mulgrew

Erin Mulgrew reel from Erin Mulgrew on Vimeo.

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J. Andrew Thames

Trailer for movie featuring Eric Roberts

Demo reel from Assistant Director and Production Designer K Mraz

Demo reel from Gaffer Jeff Wexler

Jordon Greytak/ Devilduck Productions -click on image for site

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